Casa del Tibet



Our foundation is run by a Board of trustees who offer support and advice, based on which we use all our potential to offer a varied program of activities aimed at disseminating the Tibetan culture and the issue of the Tibetan people in Tibet and in exile.

Board Structure

President: Ven. Thubten Wangchen
Secretary: Maria Isabel Cortés
Treasurer: Biel Porcel
Board member: Ngawang Topgyal
Board member: Josep Baltà

Work team

Ngawang Topgyal: Design and production -
María Carracedo: Sponsorship programs -
Marta Enguita: Secretary -
Xavi Santamaria: Human rights -
Fina Iñiguez: Communication -


We rely on the contribution of a great number of volunteers who share our values and selflessly dedicate part of their time to help make our goals possible: to offer activities that can satisfy the largest number of people and to assist as best as possible all the friends that frequent the Tibet House Foundation.

If you have spare time and are interested in volunteering at the Tibet House Foundation, contact us: 93 207 59 66