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Mission and philosophy

Mission and philosophy

Who are we?

His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama inaugurated Tibet House in 1994.  Tibet House was created as a cultural, solidary and non-profit association. Its objective is the diffusion of the native Tibetan culture in Spain, introducing its different expressions and its potential contribution to modern society and also as a core mission to help the Tibetan people and preserve its ancestraland rich culture.In 2004 Tibet House becomes a foundation and His Holiness the Dalai Lama inaugurates the new site in September 11th 2007.

Volunteers and contributors as well as thousands of supporters allow the diffusion of all the activities of the Foundation.

Tibet, "the snow country", is the highest territory on earth.  Surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range, the roof of the world has been kept secluded and unknown during many centuries.  In its unique location, it has developed a millenary culture and wisdom, which is significantly distinguished by its religion, richness and non-violence.  Its traditions, language and particularly its philosophical and spiritual practice have turned Tibet into a unique and exceptional culture that cannot disappear.

It is precisely the quiet and peaceful nature of the Tibetan people that exposed them to the invading power of the Chinese army who, since 1959, has slaughtered over one million Tibetans and forced over 100,000 into exile and is constantly trying to eradicate every trace of the cultural identity of the invaded country.

This project intends to disseminate the Tibetan culture, the fight for human rights of the Tibetan people and all the oppressed people of the world. It also aims to disseminate the personality and wisdom of its spiritual leader, His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet.

In appreciation of the work carried out since its opening, defending Tibetan's heritage and human rights, His Holiness the Dalai Lama accepted the Presidency of Honour of the Tibet House Foundation.

What do we do?

We organize

•    Regular courses of traditional meditation and yoga.
•    Courses, seminars and workshops of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, medicine, gastronomy, astrology, history and language.
•    Exhibitions of Tibetan traditional painting (thangkas) and other expressions of Tibetan art.
•    Conferences and forums.
•    Audio-visual exhibitions.
•    Trips to India, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan, etc.
•    Artistic and musical events.
•    Tibetan celebrations

We join

Other organisations in local and international campaigns, for the defence of the human rights and peace and the protection ofanimals and the environment.

We provide

In-depth information about Tibet and related cultures, through the regular and multimedia library, journals andother publications and through several activities organized in-house.

We sponsor

Children, old people, geshes, monks and nuns. By means of this program, children can get basic education, food and clothing; the elderly get medical and social aid; teenagers without resources can gain access to higher educational levels enabling them to step into the working community; monks and nuns can preserve the transmission of traditional teachings.

We support

Through different contributions to the Tibetan community in-exile we provide basic support in terms of education, health, infrastructures such as wells, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.  These projects are fundamental in providing basic welfare to a needy community.  

We defend Human Rights

Starting our own campaigns or joining other international actions, the Foundation always remains alert and active to publicly condemn the atrocities the Tibetan people have gone through in the past and are still suffering today. We also support the defense of human rights of other ethnic groups.


You can help Tibet by:

  • Disseminating the Tibetan cause among your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances.

  • Becoming a member of the Tibet House Foundation.

  • Participating in the Activities of the foundation.

  • Contributing to the sponsorship programs.

  • Helping in the solidarity projects of International Cooperation.

  • Making a donation.

  • Purchasing products of the Foundation in our shop.