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Help us!

Help us!

We believe that if we work together we can make the world a more just, solidary, peaceful place. In particular, we believe that Tibetans inside Tibet have the right to live in freedom. That is why we organize activities, courses, talks, peaceful demonstrations and acts of solidarity with the Tibetan people. And that is why we need your support. You can help in many different ways:

Become a member!

With your help our work continues, without a break, until our goal of seeing a free Tibet! Your ongoing contribution is the best support so that thousands of tibetans can improve their life conditions and become self-sufficient from that point onward. With your contribution they will make it!

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Become a sponsor!

In 1959, when Tibet was violently invaded by the Chinese army, one million two hundred thousand tibetans were killed and many were forced into exile in order to save their lives. The tibetan people have been fighting for their subsistence ever since. Still today, crossing the Himalayas on foot, the exodus continues.

The Sponsorship projects have five goals:

  • Children
  • Teenagers and youngsters
  • Elders
  • Monks and nuns
  • Geshes

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Make a donation

Your contribution is very valuable so that every day more and more tibetans have access to a decent life.
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You can volunteer to fight poverty and injustice.
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